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Law (first state examination)

Faculty: Faculty of Law
Degree: First state examination
Standard period of study: 9 semesters
Language of the programme: German

Admission to the winter semester 2019/20:

  • 1st and 2nd subject semester: limited admissions (application to the university)
  • 3rd to 9th subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • International applicants (non-EU): limited admission (application to International Student Office)

The study of law is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge and insights into the law currently in force, as well as the historical, social, economic and political foundations of the legal system and its basis in legal philosophy. In the law study programme, scholarly methods and knowledge are conveyed enabling grauates to apply the law. These methods are defined according to the principles of legal certainty, justice and truth.
The aim of the programme is to train unitary jurists equipping them with a solid education in the core areas of law and limited specialization in sub-areas, giving them the capability to work in all legal fields, and to take on responsibility for the economic, social and political consequences of legal decisions.

Degree programme structure
The degree programme is not formally divided into basic and advanced studies. According to the faculty’s recommendations for organisation of studies, all beginners’ courses should have been successfully completed by the 4th subject-related semester. In view of this initial phase of the degree programme, the term "Basic Studies" will be used hereinafter. By the end of the 4th semester, students need to complete a certain number of exams and term papers that then make up the intermediate examination. Students who do not pass this intermediate examination cannot continue the degree programme in Law (first state examination) anywhere in Germany. Elective subjects are ideally commenced in the 4th or 5th semesters. The model curriculum for the entire degree programme is designed so that students can register for the first state examination after 7 - 8 semesters.
Students can petition for conferral of the title "Diplom-Jurist".