Studying Economic Sciences at Göttingen University

Applications for a programme in the Economic Sciences at the University of Göttingen are possible for each summer and winter semester. (*)

The application periods for a bachelor's programme are from June 1 to July 15 (for studies beginning in the winter semester) and from December 1 to January 15 of the following year (for a programme beginning in the summer semester). For these programmes the general entry requirements of the University apply. The application for a place of study takes place exclusively through the online application and sending in of the required documents by mail to the Office of Student Affairs of the University. You will also find all required information for this and the application form on the website of the University. The bachelor's programmes in Economic Sciences all have limited admission.

The application periods for the master's programmes:

  • The application period for studies beginning in the winter semester is April 1 to May 15 of a calendar year.
  • The application period for studies beginning in the summer semester is October 1 to November 15 of a calendar year.

The online application form for the master's programmes of the Faculty of Business and Economics is activated within these periods. The application is made to the Faculty. These periods are also valid for international applicants. Finally, the master's programmes in Economic Sciences have limited admission.

We look forward to receiving your application!

(*) Except the Two-Subject Bachelor's Programme, Economics and the Master's Programmes in Applied Statistics and in Global Business. For these programmes enrolment is possible only for every winter semester.