Application for the Erasmus+ programme

The application and allocation of places for an Erasmus+ places for stays in the following academic year (winter and/or summer semester) is possible once per year.

Application procedure (Deadline January 31st)

1. Inform - until December 31st

Inform yourself about Erasmus+ exchange places at partner universities of Biology for next academic year (winter and/or summer term) and respective course offer. Please mind the timetable for mandatory courses for your studies in Göttingen and consider a consultation meeting with your student advisor (contact office of studies).

Please respect the language requirements and certificates prior to your application. The university-wide call for application provides important information on procedure, allocation of places, language requirements and required certificates.

2. Apply - January 1st to 31st

Application for places at partneruniversity of Biology and grant in the Erasmus+ programme is possible from 1 - 31 January each year. The order of the incoming applications does not matter as long as you submit your (complete) application within the application period.

Use the online portal „MoveON“ to hand in your application. Select the correct form (Erasmus+ Key Action 131 Ausschreibung 20yy/yy).
You can name up to five universities to apply for. You must know already the semester dates of your desired exchange university and semester. Autumn term at our partner respects to our winter term at Uni Göttingen. Spring term respects to our summer term, even if the semester abroad starts in January.

The following documents need to be uploaded to complete the application (see the hints below):

  • Motivation letter
  • Language certificate(s) (in case it is not evident from your transcript of records)
  • Transcript of records
  • Graduation certificates (high school or bachelor’s certificate)
  • Certificate of matriculation of the current winter term

Good to know:
The motivation letter has to be written in English. Explain your personal and professional motivation for each of the universities you prefer, including information about costs and financing of your stay abroad. You are welcome to let us know about your special interests/skills and if you have extra-curricular activities (e.g. social engagement, honorary post or part-time job to finance your study).
You must hand in languages certificates for each desired university/country.
Download your transcript of records with ranking place from FlexNow including courses that are not completed yet.
The programme coordinator for Biology is Dr. Anke Schürer.

After submission of your application in MoveON, modification of your application is no longer possible. Please save the generated document for your own records. If you realise that you have forgotten some documents, you will need to complete the entire application again.

3. Await ranking - February 1st to 20th

All correctly submitted applications will be reviewed and ranked according to the criteria published at the university-wide call for application. Approximately the 6 - 8 best ranked students (quota is determined by Göttingen International and might vary from year to year) receive in addition to an Erasmus study place an offer of financial support (grant).

By February 20th you will receive an e-mail with an offer for one of the five universites you have applied for via e-mail (

4. Confirm place offer - until February 28th

We kindly ask you to respond to the offer of placement prior to February 28th. Be sure to have access to internet and your e-mail during this period. It will be considered as rejection of Erasmus placement if you do not reply in time. For further steps see Steps after admission to Erasmus+.