Our hydrogeochemical laboratory offers a range of methods for the analysis of essential elements, ions, molecules and sum parameters for characterizing liquid and solid samples from aquatic geosystems:

Ion analysis (IC)
• Anion chromatography (conductivity detection with chem. suppression)
• Cation chromatography (conductivity detection)

Spectrophotometry and Potentiometry
• Laboratory and field photometer (Unicam and Hach) for nutrient and ion analysis (among others PO4, Si, NO3, NO2, NH4, H2S)
• PC-controlled titration system for alkalinity

High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)
• Ternary gradient system with fluorescence and UV detection for amino acid analysis
• Ternary gradient system with amperometric detection for sugar analysis

On-site analysis
• CTD probe (wired or solid state storage, up to 100 m water depth)
• Various multimeters (pH, conductivity, oxygen)