Course catalogue for Bachelor's programmes

In the following file you will find the catalogue of modules for Bachelor's programmes of the Faculty of Business and Economics:

Aside from the regular lectures and classes listed in the catalogue of modules, various additional courses will be offered every semester. An overview of the courses with allocation to the individual programmes of study is available here.

The examination regulations specific to each programme (except for Business and Human Resource Education) enable students to take other modules (alternative modules) in several areas (mainly the elective area), instead of the named module. These alternative modules can only be taken according to the following stipulation:

Conditions for consideration of an alternative module are:

  • a written application from the student which is to be submitted to the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Business and Economics before taking the alternative module;
  • The consent of the Dean of Studies of the Faculty or department that is offering the alternative module.

The decision of approval of the application is made by the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Business and Economics. The Dean will obtain a statement from the teachers of the programme the student is enrolled in as to the purposefulness and usefulness of the alternative module for the student. The application can be rejected without statement of reasons; the student does not have a legal right to object. It is not possible to have alternative modules considered for recognition after they have been completed.