A ten-minutes walk from the train station to the campus

Path description (1000 meters)

  • Exit the train station through the main exit (towards “Zentrum”)
  • Pass all the parked bicycles and go towards the “Berliner Straße”
  • Head left (towards the East), past the post office staying on the sidewalk of the “Berliner Straße”
  • Keep heading straight on through two large traffic light intersections
  • Pass a fitness studio and gas station on your left
  • Do not take the sidewalk of the “Nikolausberger Weg” but the paved path on the left parallel to it
  • This path leads to the University campus
  • You have arrived!

In order to reach the Oeconomicum, the faculty building, please keep going straight on this paved path. The building is on the left opposite of the "Zentrale Hörsaalgebäude". A sign indicates that it is the Oeconomicum.