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Discussion 11 (Link between synonymous), 25.07.2012:

Discussion: Link between synonymous

From Nele:
9a. We will need to handle synonyms in the database, as it will include data from
different regions and time spans which will thus be based on different taxonomic

9b. We need to include the search option for the new as well as for the old taxonomic
name (i.e. the user should in any case be able to find the right datasheet)

9c. The User level 1 should be able to create synonyms for new taxonomical data
i. An “expire date” will be included for old taxonomic data, so that this
cannot be used but still searched
ii.Synonym datasheets will be connected to one another (??)

I need also to know:
• Do we have to create a new User Level Permission for this aim?

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