Student accounts

To acquire an student account for the institute for numerical and applied mathematics and the mathematical institute you will need an account from StudIT.

The registration for an math-account will be done on first login.

Further information can be found in the corresponding intranet.

Staff accounts

Webmail- and groupware-Server (Exchange)
Further information can be found in the Intranet.

Remote login

Both accounts can access the system remotely via
. For access from outside of GOENET a virtual private network
(VPN) is needed.

Projects and open-source software

  • dnsdhcp: dnsdhcp is a minimalistic approach on managing dns and dhcp configuration of hosts recorded and managed in a ldap directory anyways.
  • jupiter: Jupiter is an applet/appindicator with focus on display-management. It also has features for power- and some device-management.
  • discofs:DiscoFS is a FUSE filesystem which automatically mirrors a network filesystem to a local cache, making the files
    available even if you're not connected to the corresponding host/network

Please contact us via or create a ticket in the Intranet.