Academic Programmes That Make a Difference

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers a variety of academic programmes that prepare students for professional success. At the bachelor's level, students can select from business administration, economics, sustainable development studies, business information systems and human resources. At the master's level, programmes range from key areas such as business administration and economics to a more specialized education in information systems, business and human resources, applied statistics, as well as economic and social history. In total, the Faculty offers six bachelor degree programmes (with one being a so-called two-subject programme), and eight master degree programmes.

With the exception of the two-subject bachelor’s degree programme, all other bachelor’s programmes begin with a one-yearlong orientation phase. This orientation phase ensures that students learn the basic problems and approaches in the economic sciences as well as a number of important other disciplines (e.g. law). In the two-subject bachelor’s programme in economics, students combine economics with one of over 30 possible subjects in the humanities, social sciences, law, philosophy, political science, East Asian studies and law.

At the master’s level, in particular, the tradition of research-oriented teaching requires a strong focus on methods and problem solving skills. Students are then given the opportunity to apply their knowledge to current economic questions. Moreover, they can also participate in research projects. Our students will be equipped to take on challenging tasks both in industry and in pursuit of further studies, such as a doctoral programme.

The Service Centre for Students of the Faculty of Business and Economics welcomes any questions you might have about our programmes, and serves a central point of contact throughout the duration of your studies.