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Coronavirus: regulations during the pandemic

From June 14: COVID-19 3-level system: level 1 Stable, low infection rate

Please comply with the General Health and Hygiene Regulations (AHA-L); Other current regulations, general conditions and guidelines of the University as well as the agreed responsibilities of faculties and institutions or the crisis management team apply here.


English translation provided for informational purposes. If the English and German versions allow different interpretations, the German version should be followed.

The regulations for running the University with reduced staff numbers onsite during the coronavirus pandemic consist of:

  • General Health and Hygiene Regulations
  • further documents for particular occasions (winter semester, O-Phase, events etc)
  • the Coronavirus Information of the University and Information & FAQ A-Z

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These regulations are based on the current regulatory framework under state law and additional regulations issued by the City of Göttingen. Please note that the intention of the University is to use the measures and regulations it has taken to ensure the safest possible way to run the University for all its staff and students. However, every individual is, in addition, also obliged to behave in certain ways with regard to the regulations under state law and, when applicable, statutes issued by the City of Göttingen. The current status of these regulations can be found below in Information A-Z under the entry “Regulations and measures for protection against infection”.

General Health and Hygiene Rules

Further regulations

  • Statement from the virtual AG für Studium, Lehre und Prüfungswesen (working group for student and academic services and examinations) on the conduct of examinations in the winter semester 2020/21 (PDF, 05.02.2021)
  • Teaching in the winter semester
    (PDF. 01.09.2021)
  • Ventilation
  • Guidelines for teachers: classroom teaching
    (PDF. 21.04.2021)
  • Guidelines for students: classroom attendance
    (PDF, 21.04.2021)

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