In publica commoda

Facilitating creativity

The university provides a research environment that gives researchers the space and flexibility they need to conduct research at the highest possible level within the disciplines, as well as tackling problem-solving in an interdisciplinary context. It fosters autonomous study and a culture of cross-subject and research-oriented teaching throughout all faculties. With study and working conditions geared to gender equality and supportive to families, the university grants all its members and dependants time to develop their creativity and new ideas.

In order to relieve researchers and lecturers of tasks outside their core duties, the central administration is improving its service performance for science and scholarship. This includes supporting and accompanying the process of applying for third-party funding for large-scale (collaborative) projects, improving communication between the central and the non-central administration, and organising management oriented more strongly to science and scholarship overall.

Today, the attractiveness of the university and of Göttingen as a location of science and scholarship depends to a great extent on its family friendliness. A family-friendly setting leads to better concentration and more creativity in research and teaching, improves gender equality, and raises the chances for a good gender balance in professorial appointments. The family service in the Equal Opportunities Office has been further developed and complemented by additional dual career possibilities.