You are an employee of the University of Göttingen and you are looking for business contacts or have a promising (business) idea? We support you if you are searching for business partners for a joint research project, if you want to establish contacts with companies for practical teaching and mentoring programs or if you want to protect and implement your innovative ideas.

Cooperations and Contract Research

We support the researchers of the University of Göttingen by providing them with partners from industry or the non-profit sector for funding applications and by advising them on the acquisition of external funding to finance research projects. › more

Patent Consulting

Do you see an opportunity to commercially exploit your research results or have you made an invention that you would like to have protected?

We are the interface to our University-owned patent brokerage firm MBM ScienceBridge GmbH and we will support you in the development of strategies for the commercial implementation of your research results.› more

Südniedersachsen Innovation Campus (SNIC)

A part of our team works in the regional large-scale project Südniedersachsen Innovation Campus (SNIC). The SNIC's portfolio of services ranges from vocational and further training for innovative minds to networking events for research and industry to the targeted search for application-oriented research results at universities in the region through our innovation scouts.› weiter

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Start-Up Support

Do you have an idea for starting your own business? The start-up support team will be happy to support you on your way to self-employment, e.g. by means of confidential one-on-one discussions, further training courses and workshops for prospective founders.

› Just contact us to arrange an appointment!

Mentors wanted (?)

We would like to expand the support network between experienced professionals and young graduates. Can you imagine becoming a mentor yourself or are you looking for suitable experts for your project or programme? Just talk to us!

Coordinating Excursions

The Business Contacts and Knowledge Transfer division offers excursions to attractive companies every semester. You will find an overview on our central excursion webpage. Other excursion programmes of the University of Göttingen can also publish their planned semester activities here. We are also happy to share information about your excursions on Facebook. › Just contact us.

Fundraising Advice

The Fundraising and Commitment division is available to faculties and decentralised institutions to answer questions on fundraising issues. The employees provide advice, for example, on the planning and development of fundraising activities and on finding suitable funding instruments.

Advice on Alumni Work

The Alumni Office advises faculties and decentralised institutions in the planning and development of alumni activities as well as in setting up faculty sections under the umbrella of Alumni Göttingen e.V. We offer you a central service in many organisational questions, in membership management as well as in alumni communication so that you can fully concentrate on the contents of the alumni work.

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KaWirMento - Career Paths into the Business Sector

For many doctoral students and doctoral graduates, a career in a company is an attractive goal. The KaWirMento mentoring programme is intended to prepare doctoral students, scientists and scholars for the transition from academia to industry and to give them advice and support during this period.› more

Personnel Development

Qualification as a continuous process is the basis of the University's lasting success: it promotes professional development, interdisciplinary exchange and, last but not least, the job satisfaction and motivation of its employees.› more

"Midday Information Bites"

In short lectures you will receive information about important topics and innovations and regulations worth knowing at the University of Göttingen. Afterwards, you can ask your questions. Midday Information Bites is a programme provided by the Personnel Development department and the Equal Opportunities and Diversity office.› more

Dual Career Service

The University's Welcome Centre provides newly appointed professors and their families with information and advice on the dual career programme for academic couples, childcare and schools and living in Göttingen. › more

Welcome Centre for the Campus and the Region

Welcoming researchers and experts to Southern Lower Saxony - this is how the core task of the future Welcome Centre for the region can be described.

More than 40 partners are involved in the project, including universities, companies, central associations and municipalities from the districts of Göttingen and Northeim as well as the district governments themselves. › weiter

Alumni Göttingen

Alumni Göttingen networks people who feel connected to the University of Göttingen, whether they be students, alumni, staff members or "external" friends and sponsors of the University.

Membership is not a prerequisite for active participation in the alumni network, and registration on the alumni portal is free of charge.