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Successful model: the Göttingen Campus

Göttingen University forms the central core of the Göttingen Campus, maintaining a dynamic and successful research and teaching partnership with the University Medical Centre and eight excellent non-university research institutions. At the Göttingen location, a campus structure - exemplary within the German system of science and academia - was established more than ten years ago and secured by framework agreements. Such agreements were concluded with the five Max Planck Institutes (the MPIs for Biophysical Chemistry, for Dynamics and Self-Organization, for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, for Experimental Medicine, and for Solar System Research), the German Primate Center, the German Aerospace Center, and the Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Further research organisations, institutions of higher education and private enterprises also belong to the Campus as associated partners.

Since 2006, coordinating the objectives common to all the participating parties has been the task of the Göttingen Campus Council (GCC). These common endeavours are rooted in the principle of voluntary participation and equal status, based on the insight that as a science and research location, Göttingen can develop its full potential only through close cooperation.

At this location, science and scholarship benefit from outstanding collaborative projects with third-party funding, and from joint professorships maintained by the University together with non-university research institutions. Joint graduate programmes and young cross-institute researcher groups are important elements in the fostering of young academics. This successful cooperation extends also into the domain of university studies and teaching. The outstanding scientific performance and the social fabric of the entire Göttingen Campus, which is characterised by diversity and internationality, are the basis for the 'Göttingen Spirit'. This stands out as a symbol for the special atmosphere of exchange and collaboration among scientists and scholars. The University seeks to intensify further the development of research collaborations and regional foci, as well as increasing joint use of location-specific infrastructure.