GenderConsulting in Collaborative Research

A sustainable equal opportunities policy is crucial in academia. Central to this is the career support of women with to goal to increase the number of women in science, especially the number of those in leading positions. The German Research Foundation and other funding parties (e.g. European Research Council, Federal Ministry of Education and Research) expect an equal opportunities concept within research projects that exceeds common standards. Implementing equal opportunity measures in joint research projects and realizing the compatibility of family and career creates an immense added value and and contributes to high quality research.

In order to actively promote equal opportunities among researchers, Collaborative Research Centres can access up to 30,000 Euro/year after application; Research Training Groups, Research Units and Priority Programmes can access up to 15,000 Euro/year after application. Innovative programmes and measures are demanded for that are designed to fit the subject's and project's requirements and are tailored to the specific coordinated programme. Also, they should contribute to and advance the work of the equal opportunities across the Göttingen Campus.


GenderConsulting in Collaborative Research is part of the University's central equal opportunity office and works closely with other areas (such as equal opportunity-oriented promotion of young researchers, Family Service, and Gender & Diversity Controlling). It offers support to all researchers on the Göttingen Campus regarding the development and implementation of equal opportunity concepts within their joint research projects. This includes:

  • Advice on creating an equal opportunity concept for proposal outlines and concept papers
  • Support in the development of equal opportunity measures and offers to improve family-friendliness for full proposals and subsequent applications
  • Advice regarding the presentation of equal opportunity concepts and measures for the on-site review (incl. poster creation)
  • Pooling of existing measures or projects and initiatives that are still in development on the Goettingen Campus.

In addition, GenderConsulting in Collaborative Research offers individual counseling for some joint research groups on the implementation of measures.

GenderConsulting of the University of Goettingen is part of the nation-wide network "GenderConsulting Verbundforschung".