Information of Faculty of Biology on Covid-19

What to do in case of: Postponement of graduation into the summer semester?

If your degree is postponed to the summer semester due to the current situation, e.g. because final theses cannot be started as planned, you have two options:

  1. You first enrol for the summer semester. If you complete your examinations (e.g. hand in your thesis) within one month of the start of lectures, you can then exmatriculate and claim back the semester fee you have already paid (more information here under "Exmatriculation").
  2. If this option is not possible for you, you can still complete the required examination according to APO § 22a if you have already been exmatriculated. Please note: If you choose this option, you must submit an informal request to as soon as possible. Please name specific examination (e.g. module number), the reason for its delay and the period of time you plan to perform them. Please mind, with exmatriculation, you lose your status as a student of the university and have, for example, only limited or no access to the electronic systems of the university and no semester ticket.

Information for international students

For international students, Göttingen International offers a current overview of regulations for entering and traveling to Göttingen under pandemic conditions.

Enrolment in Master programmes

Students who begin a Master's programme at WiSe20/21 may submit the BSc certificate until 15.05.2021. Please note that your enrolment status is still 'auflösend bedingt' until all admission documents have been submitted.

Submission and issue of documents

All documents can now be submitted as digital version. Hard copy certificates must be scanned and sent via e-mail. Digital documents that can be filled in using your computer do not need to be printed. Simply fill in the information using your computer and send it via e-mail (student`s e-mail address if signature is necessary!).

In case you cannot submit documents via e-mail, please use the mail box at the Wilhelm-Weber-Str.2 (usually accessible on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm).

Your thesis

How to register:
You need to collect all signatures of all your supervisors via circulation proceedure using postal service. Send us the certificate including all signatures via e-mail.

How to submit:
You can submit your final thesis exclusively as pdf using the upload portal in FlexNow! The declaration of authorship is automatically included within the submission process, you do not need to hand in a hard copy version.

Final certificates

Since personal collection is currently not possible, please send a sufficiently stamped and correctly addressed return envelope in DIN C4 format to the Examination Office of the Faculty of Biology and Psychology and request that your degree documents be sent to you with a short covering letter.

Information for GAUSS doctoral students

COVID-19-related measures taken by GAUSS can be found here.

Your studies during winter term 20/21

The winter term 20/21 is still under planing.
However, the following details can be announced:

  • Modules will again be offered as a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching in winter term. Especially practical courses will include face-to-face teaching and attendance in Göttingen is required.
  • The lecture period officially starts the 2 November 2020.
    Important: Master courses, as well as courses organised as block modules ("Zweiter Studienabschnitt" in bachelor programme Biodiversity) start already October 26th, 2020!

Abmeldungen von Praktika im Bachelor

Die Abmeldungen von den Praktika des SoSe sind in FlexNow wieder geöffnet bis zum 15.05.20 (23:59 Uhr). Wer seine Planung in der aktuellen Situation dahingehend geändert hat, ein angemeldetes Praktikum in diesem Semester doch nicht zu besuchen, kann sich bis dahin wieder abmelden.

Nachholtermine für ausgefallene Prüfungen im März / April

Die ausgefallenen Klausuren aus dem Wintersemester werden ab Anfang Mai in Präsenz nachgeholt. Dabei werden die Klausuren in ausreichend großen Räumen unter Wahrung der Sicherheitsvorschriften geschrieben. Weitere Hinweise und Maßnahmen finden Sie in den Informationen der Fakultät zu Prüfungen (pdf).

Bisher feststehende Klausurtermine werden hier veröffentlicht; die Planungen laufen jedoch noch, sodass die Liste nach und nach ergänzt werden muss.

Studierende, die für den ausgefallenen Klausurtermin angemeldet sind, werden automatisch für den neuen Termin eingetragen und müssen sich nicht aktiv anmelden. Sie können sich jedoch von jedem Nachholtermin abmelden und die Prüfung zum nächsten regulären Termin im Februar 2021 absolvieren.

Können aufgrund von Härtefällen bestimmte Zugangsvoraussetzungen (beispielsweise im BSc Biologie 40 C des ersten Studienabschnitts für die biologischen Grundlagenmodule) nicht erfüllt werden, besteht selbstverständlich die Möglichkeit, Härtefallanträge an die Prüfungskommission zu stellen.

E-learning starting the 20 April

Education during summer term shall start the 20 April 2020. There will be an e-learning offer for several courses. A list of courses that are available as e-learning are published here.

To join the e-learning for each course, you need to register in StudIP for the respective module/course. After registration you will find further course-specific information on procedure and teaching offer.