PostMagicScience | 25.- 27. September


Please note: only invitated persons can participate at the symposium.

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In current performances, located at the intersection of art and science, references to the figure of the witch as well as magical practices are to be found, even though the differentiation between the three systems of knowledge and cognition of magic, religion, and science is an age-old process.
Has this differentiation reached a new level? Have we entered the age of Postmagicscience – an age after, or rather beyond, magic/religion and science? Which role and function do gender studies inhabit, a discipline that frequently critically examines the point of intersection between materiality and discourse?
In combining the expertise of distinguished gender studies experts and the collaboration with performance artists this symposium aims to create a discussion forum in which the current debate, extending toward postsecularity, might be expanded upon through discussing the developments in the theories of gender studies with regard to their historical context.