Research conducted at the Göttingen Centre for Gender Studies (GCG) is dependent on the research activities of its members and their thematic and (inter-)disciplinary priorities in the field of Gender Studies.

Thematic priorities
Current thematic intersections can be found in subject areas including

  • Religion and gender
  • Reproduction/Kinship
  • Migration and gender
  • Gender and Body

  • Disciplines involved
    The following disciplines and subject areas are currently represented in the GCG through its members:

  • Egyptology and Coptic Studies
  • Arabic Studies/Islamic Studies
  • Ethics and the History of Medicine
  • Ethnology
  • Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology
  • German Philology
  • English Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Romanian Philology
  • Slavic Philology
  • History
  • Modern Indian Studies
  • North Amercian Studies
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Theology/Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Sport Science
  • Economic Sciences

  • Joint research by Gender Studies institutions in Lower Saxony
    The GCG is participating in a two-year project financed by the Ministry for Science and Culture to initiate and coordinate joint research in the field of Gender Studies. Aim of the project is to cluster the expertise of Lower Saxony's sites and establish viable research co-operations and to put them on the international radar through workshops, conferences, and publications. Göttingen-based scholars are requested to report to the GCG coordination office.