The regional desk North America, Japan and Oceania

The regional desk for North America, Japan and Oceania is responsible for maintaining and expanding international cooperation in these regions. In addition to various bilateral research cooperations, the University currently maintains 31 exchange agreements (19 central and 12 decentral) with institutions in North America, Japan and Oceania.
Partnerships with North American institutions are characterised in particular by a large number of bilateral research collaborations. In addition, US institutions are involved in research training groups and a Canadian university is a partner in an international research training group. In addition to research collaborations, cooperation with Australian universities is characterized above all by a large number of joint doctoral student supervisions within the framework of co-tutelle agreements. The HeKKSaGOn consortium is one of the focal points of the cooperation with Japan. This is a network with three Japanese universities (Kyoto University, Osaka University, Tohoku University) and three German universities (University of Heidelberg, KIT, University of Göttingen).