Prof. Dr. Philip G. Kreyenbroek

Professor and Director of Iranian Studies Georg-August University of Göttingen (1996-2017)


B.A. Arabic, Persian, Turkish, University of Amsterdam


M.A. Persian, Ancient Iranian Studies, history of Religions, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands


Studied Zoroastrianism, Old and Middle Iranian, and Gujarati, SOAS, London


Lecturer in Iranian Studies, University of Utrecht


Doctorate, University of Leiden


Senior Lecturer in Iranian Studies, University of Utrecht


Lecturer in Modern Iranian Languages, SOAS, London


Honorary Secretary, the Royal Asiatic Society


Reader in Iranian Languages and Religions, University of London (SOAS)

since 1996

Professor of Iranian Studies, University of Göttingen

since 1998

Consulting Editor (Kurdish Studies), Encyclopaedia Iranica, New York

since 2000

Member, Board of Directors, European Council, Association for the Study of Persianate Societies


Best Research of the Year Prize (with F.M. Kotwal), Iranian Ministry for Culture and Islamic Guidance, Tehran

since 2006

Editor, Göttinger Orientforschungen: Iranica, Harrassowitz


Best Research Award, Razi University, Kermanshah


International Farabi Award, Tehran

Research Topics:

Zoroastrianism, Yezidism, Minority Religions among the Kurds, Oral Literature and Culture, Ancient Iranian Literature, Memory in Iranian Cultures

Organised Symposia and Conferences:

1993   London

Conference ‘Kurdish Cultural Identity’, 26 March, SOAS Centre of Near and Middle Eastern Studies and World Circuit Art.

2003   Göttingen

Symposium ‘Kulturland Iran – iranische Tradition als Weltkultur: 100-Jahr-Feier Iranistik in Göttingen’, 24-5 October.

2006   Paris

with Christine Allison, Colloquium ‘Discourses of memory in Iranian Languages’, 23-24 February, Mondes Iranien et Indien, CNRS.

2008   Göttingen

International Symposium ‘Non-Islamic Religions in Iran: a non-essentialist perspective’, 6-7 June, Graduate Research Programme. ‘Götterbilder, Gottesbilder, Weltbilder’.