The Center of Integrated Breeding Research (CiBreed) is a community of professors, postdoctoral fellows, and students at the University of Göttingen as well as professionals from industry and other universities, to sustainably improve agriculture and forestry by enabling research and teaching across all branches of breeding crops/animals/trees.

Cibreed aims to encourage interdisciplinary cooperation between scientists engaged in all disciplines related to genetic improvement, e.g., genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology, statistics, computer science, and others.

Our goal in integrating these disciplines is to stimulate joint research projects that will enhance our understanding about plants and animals in a wide range of environments, as well as to provide a comprehensive teaching offer to our students.

Our mission is to improve agriculture and forestry and advance scientific discovery by enabling research and teaching across all branches of crop, tree, and animal breeding.

We strive to achieve this by building a strong and collaborative community of scientists and experts representing public and private institutions, all career stages, and using synergies across all branches of breeding.