Biographie und Gewalt

Lebens- und kollektivgeschichtliche Perspektiven auf Gewaltdynamiken 

Tagung am Methodenzentrum Sozialwissenschaften
- Lehrstuhl Qualitative Methoden, Prof. Gabriele Rosenthal -
am 09.-10. Februar 2018


This interdisciplinary and international conference offers an opportunity for discussion and exchange between scholars engaged in research on violence and those engaged in biographical research, from their different academic perspectives.

We are interested in the following questions: How can biographical research contribute to the systematic inclusion of violence in the development of sociological theories, as called for in recent years by scholars involved in research on violence and violent conflicts? And what perspectives can research on violence contribute to biographical research in the social sciences and sociology?

To discuss these questions, we have organized a promising program with international researchers who will present empirical studies dealing with migration, borders, ethnicized conflicts, women in violent action, everyday violence, domestic violence, violence in institutional settings and changing perspectives on violence.