Up-scaling biodiversity and structural complexity in lowland rainforest transformation systems

My PhD research project aims to scale up tree diversity estimates and their relationship with multi-diversity from plot to landscape in the different land-use types of the EFForTS project. Using remote sensing tools, I will estimate different characteristics of tree diversity by mapping canopy diversity using structural metrics and spectral diversity across scales. Second, I will link tree diversity estimates with ground-based estimates, integrating taxonomic, functional, phylogenetic, and structural information from the core plots and the BEE plot. Finally, I will link the previous results with multi-diversity by integrating multiple dimensions of diversity at different trophic levels. I will also link the results to ecosystem functioning. My project will support the final phase of the EFForTS project and reinforce the need for large-scale assessment for landscape restoration initiatives.

Vannesa is affiliated at the Conservation Biology Lab at the university of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and is supervised by Prof. Dr. Clara Zemp.