M.Bio-NF.401: International Nature Conservation at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Vilm

Learning outcome

The course will contribute to qualify Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Master-degree students for future work in international conservation organizations and for scientific tasks related to international nature conservation. With the four-day-course at the Isle of Vilm, the students will be given the opportunity:

  • To broaden their knowledge about international nature conservation issues
  • To receive first-hand information on international conventions and discussions from those actively involved, and
  • To create a platform for networking and information exchange. It will cover the following topics:
    • Global conventions on Biodiversity
    • Climate change and conservation
    • Protected areas and the UNESCO World Heritage Convention
    • Issues and approaches of sustainable use incl. certification
    • Financing conservation
    • Conservation in the marine Environment

Core skills

Research on the required topic


4-day seminar block course
The course will be a combination of lectures, interactive discussions and working groups.


  • Presentation, in a team (30 min)
  • Prerequisites: Presentation (ca. 30 Minutes) or Assignment (max. 10 Pages) for the seminar

Further details

  • Work load: 90 h (28/62 h, attendance / self-study)
  • Admission requirements: None
  • Recommended previous knowledge: None
  • Language: English
  • Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Brose
  • Course frequency: Each winter semester
  • Duration: One semester
  • Number of repeat examinations permitted: Twice
  • Recommended Semester: 1st semester
  • Maximum number of students: 5