M.INC.ECOL.608: Research Methods in Ecology

Learning outcome

On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain and use basic biometric techniques
  • Develop a client-based research project structured using the principles of scientific method
  • Communicate research findings to clients and peers using effective written and oral presentation styles
  • Discuss the theory of research programme development and evaluation
  • Construct a scientific blog entry
  • Discuss the philosophy of biology
  • Obtain information from library databases


  • Science method
  • Communicating science
  • Statistical methods
  • Science and Maori
  • Science and the public
  • Science and ethics
  • Grant writing

Courses and examination

  • Web of Science report. Exam: Written report (max 4 p)
  • Practical course: Research Methods in Ecology. Exam: Oral presentation (ca 10 min)
  • Practical course: Preparing Grant Application. Exam: Written assignment (max 3 p)
  • Blog articlet. Exam: Electronic file prepared (max 1 p)
  • Statistics report. Exam: Written assignment and analyses (max 10 p)

Further details

  • Admission requirements: None
  • Recommended previous knowledge: None
  • Language: English
  • Person responsible for module: Adrian Paterson
  • Course frequency: Each winter semester
  • Duration: One semester
  • Number of repeat examinations permitted: Twice
  • Recommended Semester: First to third semester
  • Maximum number of students: 10