Summer term 2023

Unless announced otherwise, the LinG/RTG2636 Colloquium will take place on:

Wednesdays 4-6 pm (ct) for speakers from the US

Thursdays 10-12 am (ct) for speakers from Europe

!!! This semester the colloquium will be a hybrid event: some talks will take place online and some onsite in Verfügungsgebäude, Room 3.104 (Pl. d. Göttinger Sieben 7) with an opportunity to join via Zoom. Detailed information as to how to join the meetings will be shared via the LinG mailing list.

Talks will be announced regularly via the LinG mailing list and on this website (see below).

This is a preliminary schedule that will be extended, and possibly altered, in the weeks to come.

*no meeting*
Format: onsite, 2.112 Nikolausberger Weg 23
Speaker: Giorgia Zorzi (HVL, Norway)

More information here.
Format: onsite
Speaker: Roni Katzir (Tel Aviv University)

Talk: Anaphoricity, exhaustification, and questions in free focus
Format: onsite
Speaker: Klaus Abels (University College London)

Talk: Reconciling hierarchy with order in Kîîtharaka DPs
!!! Note the time of this talk - two hours later than usual!

Format: online
Speaker: Laurel Brinton (University of British Columbia)

Talk: They ... practically live in canoes": The rise of a new downtoner in LModE
Format: onsite
Speaker: Theresa Biberauer (University of Cambridge)

Talk: A formal perspective on edge developments: recycling at the edge
Format: onsite
Speaker: Kenyon Branan (University of Göttingen)

Talk: Some generalizations about word order and the Left Edge Ban
Format: onsite
Speaker: Zeljko Boskovic (University of Connecticut)

Talk: On wh and subject positions, the EPP, and contextuality
*no meeting*
Format: online
Speaker: Hagit Borer (Queen Mary University of London)

Talk: Slicing the Pie: Morphosyntactic Domains across Grammars
Format: onsite
Speaker: Cornelia Ebert (University of Frankfurt) and Kathryn Barnes (University of Frankfurt)

Talk: On the information status of iconic meaning contributions and a concept of graded at-issueness
Format: onsite
Speaker: Stefan Keine (UCLA)

Talk: Eliding the PCC
*no meeting*

Term Coordinator: Hedde Zeijlstra (Email), Yana Strakatova (Email)

General Coordinator: Hedde Zeijlstra (Email)