A01 - Dynamics of CT-PhotoPCET with Metal Complexes

Project A1 studies excited state PCET and the corresponding back-PCET at variable driving forces with and without ISC prior to the PCET. The long-term goal is to enable efficient cage escape reactions in catalytic bimolecular photoPCET. Chromophores based on metal(IV) ions (Si – Pb, Ti – Hf) undergo PCET from an appended phenol to a base after charge transfer excitation either with or without ISC. Substituents at the chromophore, phenol and base will tune PCET and back-PCET driving forces. Synthesis and characterization will be performed in the Heinze group. Femto- to nanosecond spectroscopy serve to monitor reaction steps after photoexcitation (Schwarzer). Quantum-chemical predictions are employed for spectroscopic assignments as well as to understand and control the reaction mechanisms (Stopkowicz).