Academic reading, writing & editing: Useful courses, books & websites

There are numerous resources online and in the university libraries. The university also offers a number of relevant courses. Here are some recommendations.

Writing courses, assistance and advice

+ SUB courses in Citavi and Zotero (reference software).

+ ZESS offers English courses. Advanced courses are held in English, and there are some focused on academic writing.

+ The Internationales Schreibzentrum from the Humanities faculty (also offers courses for international students/international programmes).

+ The Schreibzentrum from the Social Sciences Faculty offers courses in German, and personal advice in German and English.

Useful how to guides in the library

The following guides are available in the SUB.

+ Hacker, Diana. A writer’s reference. The most useful guidebook for most of your questions that I know of. This book is comprehensive, clear, and divided into sections that make it extremely helpful.

+ Wiener, Harvey S. Writing papers in college. A brief guide.

+ Goodson, Patricia. Becoming an academic writer: 50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing.

+ Walliman, Nicholas. Several books on research.


+ Explorations of style. A writer's blog. Especially the “Five key strategies”.

+ A useful section-by-section guide for writing a paper/article

+ Harvard Writing Center

+ University of Toronto writing centre

+ Academic writing blogs

+ Disciplinary writing guides

+ Academic writing videos channel


+ Grammar skills and answers for academic writing.

+ For English as a second language students.

+ Hewings, Martin. Advanced grammar in use. SUB.


See Plagiarism for more information and links.

Academic register

+ The Academic Phrase Bank provides an exhaustive and useful list of phrases for academic writing.

+ The Academic Word List can help with register and tone.

Stylistic writing guides

The following guides are available in the SUB.

+ Strunk, William. 2013. The elements of style. A classic on clear, effective writing.

+ Cahn, Steven M & Cahn, Victor L. 2013. Polishing your prose. How to turn first drafts into finished work.

+ Sword, Helen. 2012. Stylish academic writing.

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