Aysel Biyik

Short CV

  • Since 10/2017: PhD program "Gestaltung mobiler Informationssysteme in der Digitalen Transformation", Institute of Business Information Systems, Decision Support Group, University of Braunschweig

  • 02/2014–08/2017: Research and Development Engineer, NORM Fasteners Co.: R&D Center, Turkey

  • 09/2016–03/2017: (Erasmus) Master Studies in Mechanical Engineering, University of Braunschweig

  • 09/2014–07/2017: Master Studies in Industrial Engineering, Institute of Science and Technology, University of Dokuz Eylul, Turkey

  • 02/2013–07/2013: Bachelor's thesis, Borusan Machines and Power Systems, Turkey

  • 06/2011–07/2011: Internship, Bosch and Siemens GmbH: Department of Production Planning, Turkey

  • 09/2009–07/2013: Bachelor Studies in Industrial Enineering, University of Kocaeli, Turkey


  • Bıyık, A., Ince, U., Ateş, F. und Yetilmezsoy, K. 2016. "Determination of Optimized Process Parameters by Using Taguchi and Multi-Objective Optimization Methods, Intended for Minimization of Burring Defect while Joining the Welding Bolts with Projection Welding Operation," Engineering and Machine, 57 (67:7), S. 36-52.
  • Bıyık, A., Baykasoglu, A., Erbil, E. und Ince, U. 2016. "Loosening Prediction of Bolted Connections under Vibration via Genetic Programming and Regression Analysis," 8th Automotive Technologies Congress.
  • Ekici, S., Erbil, E. und Bıyık, A. 2016. "Machine Vision Techniques for Fastener Sorting Applications," Derin.
  • Erhuy, C. G., Ates, F., Ince, U., Biyik, A. und Davut, K. 2015. "An experimental study on development of a numerical indicator to define expulsion and spattering degree in projection welding," 9th National congress on welding technology (KAYKON), Ankara, S. 133-163.