Buchpublikationen, die in der Forschungsgruppe Moderne Indische Geschichte am CeMIS entstanden.

Sailer: Workplace relations in Colonial Bengal

2022_Sailer, Workplace relations

Schwecke: Rethinking Markets in Modern India             Ahuja, van der Linden, Sailer: The distress is impossible to convey

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Ahuja, Christof-Füchsle: A Great War in South India     Tschurenev: Empire, Civil Society, and the Beginnings of Colonial Education in India

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Azhar: Revolution in Reform                                               Sarkar: Trouble at the Mill

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Bhattacharya: Much Ado Over Cofffee                             Schwecke: The Transformation of Politicised Religion

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Ahuja: Working Lives and Worker Militancy                      Schwecke: New Cultural Identitarian Political Movements in Developing Societies

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Roy, Liebau, Ahuja: South Asian Prisoners                         Ahuja: Pathways of Empire

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