Carbon pools and sequestration in vegetation, litter dynamics and hydraulic anatomic properties in rainforest transformation systems in Indonesia

This research has the goal to contribute to an assessment of consequences of large-scale conversion from tropical lowland rainforest to transformation systems for carbon sequestration and ecosystem functioning.


This project will investigate changes in carbon sequestration, net primary production above- and belowground and litter carbon fluxes to the soil carbon stock for the study sites in lowland rainforest, jungle rubber, intensive rubber and oil palm plantations within the study region.

  • Inventory of aboveground woody biomass and carbon stocks
  • Annual aboveground litter fall (litter traps) and analysis of C and N contents
  • Annual aboveground tree biomass production
  • Belowground litter production
  • Minirhizotron technique
  • Sequential soil coring approach
  • Ingrowth core approach