Master theses

Reproductive and genetic diversity in Ranunculus auricomus (Hörandl)

Analysis of polyploid species in Ranunculus auricomus using target enrichment (Hörandl)

Ploidy levels in Ranunculus auricomus using different methods (Hörandl)

Stress treatments and polyploidy in alpine Ranunculus species (Hörandl)

Hybrid speciation of alpine willows (Salix) (Hörandl)

Phylogenetic and biogeographical studies in tropical Rutaceae (Appelhans)

New methods to analyse ancient DNA and ploidy level in Salix collections (Wagner)

Relationships of Californian willows based on RADseq data (Wagner)

Phylogeny and "Species Delimitation" of Xanthium taxa based on genomic (Hyb-Seq) and morphometric data (Tomasello)

Prof. Elvira Hörandl
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Dr. Marc Appelhans
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