Molecular Biology - IMPRS-MB (MSc/PhD)

GGNB Steffen Burkhardt

Dr. Steffen Burkhardt
Scientific Coordinator IMPRS-MB

Tel: +49-(0)551-39 26685


office hours: open / by appointment


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Contact for
- IMPRS budget plan, financial reports, fundraising
- IMPRS grant proposals, evaluations, reports
- applications, admissions
- MSc and PhD curriculum, workshops, retreats
- MSc and PhD examinations
- student counseling, career advice
- alumni networks, newsletter, LinkedIn
Kerstin Grüniger

Kerstin Grüniger
Assistant IMPRS-MB

Tel: +49-(0)551-39 26686


office hours: open / by appointment


Contact for
- administration of applications & admissions
- administration of MSc courses and events
- course evaluations (StudIP)
- administration of MSc/PhD examinations and credits
- administration of MSc and PhD stipends
- travel grants, invoices, reimbursement
- FlexNow (MSc)