New Master Study FOCUS EMBRYOPHYTA: Plant Systematics, Evolution and Phylogeny


Obligatory module (6C):

Evolution of Embryophyta (M. Biodiv. 425)
(Presentation and discussion of recent research in plant evolution)

Core modules (12-24C):

Reproduction and Evolution flowering plants (M. Biodiv. 426, 6C)
(theory and practice of plant reproductive and developmental biology)

Molecular Evolution in Embryophyta (M. Biodiv. 427, 6C)
(AFLPs, microsats, and other population genetic methods)

or Molecular determination of Biodiversity of Algae (M. Biodiv. 460, 6C)
(DNA sequencing techniques in plants)

Suppl. modules (0-12C):

Phylogenetics and Biogeography of Spore Plants (M. Biodiv. 429, 6C)
(diversity of bryophytes and ferns in space and time)

Biodiversity and Biogeography of Embryophyta (M. Biodiv. 428, 6C)
(plant diversity on a 2-week field excursion to the Tropics / Alps)

Project studies in Plant Systematics, Evolution and Phylogeny
(go to another institution to get more expertise! – for MSc students only; 6C)