Vortrag am Dienstag, den 21.06.2022 um 18-20 Uhr im großen Seminarraum der SUB

Prof. Dr. Krister Stoor: Yoik - The Indigenous Sámi peoples voice, maybe the oldest acappella singing in Europe


This lecture presents research on the oral narration context and content of Yoik, the traditional Sámi acapella form of singing. The Sámi people are recognized as Indigenous in northern Fennoscandia. Although yoik has been brought into the modern world through combining with music forms such as rap and country, yoik traditionally was created and performed by individuals who imparted their own experiences of people, animals, and places on their narratives. For it to conform to its traditional form, yoik can never be taken out of its original context, because outside of that context the narrative becomes something else, only text, taking on new connections. The word yoik is used as if it were a verb, which comes from the north Sámi word juoigat.