Squib hour for linguistics students

The squib hour is a new semi-regular event organized for and by linguistics **students** at all levels and from all departments. It is meant to provide a non-threatening environment for students to present observations and ideas that are at a very early stage and to get some feedback from their peers.

What is a squib? A squib is a very short presentation or short paper that presents an observation that is interesting, but not yet enough for a regular linguistics paper or talk. A squib could consist of e.g. some new data points that are surprising from the perspective of current theories, an argument for/against an existing theory, or a presentation of a previously unexplored research question. For some examples (unfortunately limited to syntax and formal semantics), see the contributions to the journal 'Snippets’.

We will not impose a time limit for the presentations, but as a rough guideline, your contribution should fit on a handout of at most 3 pages excluding references. The idea is to have three or four squibs per meeting.

We will meet once a month in the CRC Textstrukturen library, Nikolausberger Weg 23. Currently, the time for these meetings is Monday at 10am. The exact dates and the program for each meeting will be announced via our mailing list.