Leaving Göttingen

Checklist "Leaving Göttingen"

  • Tell your German health insurance supplier, as well as the other insurance suppliers, that you are going to leave.
  • Please make an appointment online. Due to the current pandemic situation, de-registration can be done by email. Send a copy of your identity card/passport and inform the registration office of the exact date you moved out or left the country and your new address.

    If you are only moving within Germany, the city of Göttingen will automatically be notified of the move after you have registered with the new registration office.

  • Don’t forget to close your current account at your bank as soon as you don’t need it any more and your last salary and your rental security deposit have been transferred
  • Terminate your rental agreement in writing and according to the agreed notice period. The information about your notice period can be found in your rental agreement. In the private housing market, a notice period of three months is fairly standard.
  • Make appointments with your water, electricity, and gas suppliers of to let the meters be read on one of your last days at home
  • Cancel any other contracts that you will no longer need in the future: e.g. mobile phone, internet or telephone contracts, memberships (sports club, gym), newspaper subscriptions. Please ask the respective provider about your cancellation period.
  • To ensure that you can receive mail addressed to your old address, you can set up a forwarding order (Nachsendeauftrag) with the post office for a fee.
  • Please leave your new address at the Welcome Centre.
  • Stay in touch with the University and become a member of Alumni Göttingen e.V.


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