Prof. Dr. Roman Loimeier

Prof. Dr. Roman Loimeier (b. 1957 in Passau) is the specialist for the 'anthropology of Islam' at our Institute. Since 1981, he has done fieldwork in Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania and Tunisia, and has built an impressive expertise on Muslim societies in Africa. His work on Muslim societies in Africa has a strong focus on the historical development of these societies. At the same time, Professor Loimeier works on contemporary dynamics of social change, in particular, the development of Muslim movements of reform. This focus of research is also theme of an ERC Advanced Grant ('Private Pieties', 2016-2021) that covers new forms of piety among Muslims in Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan. Apart from this focus of research, Professor Loimeier is working on concepts of time and space as well as 'catastrophe' as an anthropological theme.

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