Aims and background

Aims of the qualification portal

The qualification portal for PhD-students is an association of all Göttingen Graduate Schools with various cooperation partner (list at "More Qualification").

With this qualficiation portal, the cooperating graduate schools and programs pursue two objectives: To expand the range of key skill courses offered and to improve the visibility of courses, so that it is easier for PhD-students to find courses matching their personal requirements.

An inherent part of the cooperation is the opening of all courses to all members of the participating graduate schools and programs. There are several synergy effects due to the association: PhD-students gain access to a broad range of varied qualification offers and cross-disciplinary networking is furthered.

The qualification portal gives the qualification offers for PhD-students a central place and thereby improves students? access to the courses offered. Furthermore, the portal shows an overview of courses for the whole year and thus allows for long-term planning and selective choice of courses.

Aims of the qualification program

The qualification program is an inherent part of the support measures for PhD-students. Apart from acquiring academic qualifications and experience through writing a thesis and other articles as well as participating in academic meetings and conferences, PhD-students require a broad portfolio of further skills. The content of courses ranges from key competences like writing academic texts and holding public lectures to self-organization and time management as well as professional skills for career path within and outside the university.

The qualification portal and the courses offered are measures towards the improvement of framework conditions and structured PhD-studies at Göttingen University.

Goettingen Graduate Schools
At Georg-August-University Goettingen all PhD students are member of a graduate school. The four graduate schools are tailored to the respective cultures of Humanities, Social -, Agricultural and Forest- as well as Natural Sciences and Mathematics (GSGG, GGG, GFA, GAUSS with GGNB). The schools cooperate closely to offer services for all doctoral students in doctoral programs and research training groups as well as for doctoral candidates working individually. E.g. all graduate schools present their courses for all PhD students at this Qualification Portal.