First steps in Stud.IP for students

Registration and student user ID

To use Stud.IP you need a student user ID from studIT. Students who were already enrolled at the University of Göttingen before the 2009 summer semester will also need to transfer to the student user ID. You can find more information on this here.

Course directory and enrolment for courses

Since the 2011 summer semester all courses are transferred from UniVZ to Stud.IP. In other words, all courses which are offered in your subjects can be found in Stud.IP. Your subjects are also stored in your Stud.IP account with your student user ID, so you need to use this account to register for courses that are limited to specific subjects.

Timetable and calendar

As soon as you enrol for a course this is automatically entered in your timetable. The course dates are also shown in the calendar. All dates can be exported as an iCal-file too.

Keeping an overview

The course summary highlights new activities within the course. You can also arrange to receive information by e-mail about news relating to your courses.

Your profile

Use your profile to introduce yourself: upload a picture, make use of your guestbook, create polls on topics that interest you.

Create study groups

Does your class have to pen a collective text (e.g. in Wiki), or communicate regularly (e.g. via a forum or a mailing list) or work on files and reading lists together? Study groups are an easy way of working together with fellow students. Anyone can set up a study group – for assignments, student committees or other interests.


You can contact other Stud.IP users via the Stud.IP forums, chat or internal messages. You can discuss course topics on a forum, register to see a lecturer during their consultation hours with a few clicks on your profile page, leave messages in your fellow students’ guestbooks.