Modern Indian History

The Research Group Modern Indian History is focusing on research on histories of capitalism in South Asia and hopes to contribute to the recovery of social history’s critical edge. Doctoral as well as postdoctoral research is encouraged, developed and pursued on the following broad themes:

  • Labour history and history of work
  • History of capital(ism)
  • History of economic and social policy
  • Social history of industrial (urban as well as rural) space
  • History of infrastructure

The research group contributes to the weekly CeMIS colloquium and organizes additional reading groups, seminars and special lectures. It initiates international workshops as well as internal workshops and, in cooperation with partners, summer schools for research students. International co-operation, in particular with history departments in South Asia, is given special emphasis. Visiting academics are regularly and actively contributing to our teaching.

Courses are taught in the teaching programmes of CeMIS, of the Seminar of Medieval and Modern History and of the Institute of Economic and Social History, as well as other departments.