Statistics portal (FlexStat)

The FlexStat statistics portal is designed for three different target groups:

  • The public may obtain information about number of students, acceptance (for credit) and other information of general interest.
  • Students can check their individual performance within their cohort. With more than 4000 enquiries a month this is one of the most popular functions.
  • Course organisers receive aggregated information, e.g. about Credit points and grade distribution within a degree course, and can use these quantitative data as a management tool for the continued development of degree courses.
  • Study advisors can target separate groups of students and thereby improve the individual advice offered.
  • The examination offices may use the statistics portal to check registrations, to create lists of graduates or to verify the modeling.
  • The Department of Student and Academic Services and the Controlling Unit receive aggregated information and data regarding the "Performance-based Allocation of Resources".

Other information are also available, including organizational (summaries of exam dates for a degree course or free ZESS courses) and statistical (frequency distributions of home towns) data.

Great importance is placed on having the strictest possible controls on access to this sensitive data. No statements are made about groups of less than ten students, in order to avoid any conclusions being drawn about individual persons. Only study advisors have access to individual exam data, and this is very limited.

In the medium-term it is planned to integrate aggregated figures on degree courses into the university’s reporting system (SAP/BW).

In the manual you can read about the FlexStat statistics portal in detail, including restrictions on access, .