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Guide to Göttingen

Welcome to Göttingen!

Whether you are an international student or a researcher, whether you come for a short stay or plan to spend several years in Göttingen, you will have to make a number of arrangements while preparing your stay and within the first few weeks in Göttingen. This guide provides you with information which should help you find your way through the University and the town, and make you feel comfortable in your new home.

The section "Your Path to the University of Göttingen" contains information that will be helpful on the stage of the preparation of your stay. Also, "Living in Göttingen" gives you information about administrative issues and daily life, whereas "Services in Göttingen" provides additional information about services of the University.
Should you have any questions or doubts not being addressed in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us or arrange a personal appointment.

Please note: Not all of the pages are currently available in English.