Green IT Cockpit

Partner: TU Berlin, Umweltbundesamt, Axel Springer AG, TimeKontor AG

Project duration: 10/2011 – 10/2014

Methods: business-driven research


The main project goal is the development of a business process driven management cockpit for energy efficient information systems. The cockpit should enable organisations to gather information about the energy efficiency of their information systems (data centers, network, components such as thin clients, printers, scanner etc.). For this purpose we will model business processes of our project partners, calculate the Green-IT footprint of those processes and visualize the aggregated information in a cockpit style user interface (in form of traffic lights or scales for example).


Kick-off meeting: October 2011



  • Kick-starting Green Business Process Management - Suitable Modeling Languages and Key Business Processes for Green Performance Measurement, AMCIS 2012, Seattle, (Opitz, N., Erek, K., Langkau, T.F., Kolbe, L.M., Zarknekow, R.)