Gap EV - Applied Research E-Mobility

Assessment and evaluation of electric vehicle specific service developments on the basis of technological solutions from Landis+Gyr

Partner: Landis+Gyr AG

Project duration: 10/2011 – 04/2012

Methods: Expert interviews, literature review


Electric Mobility (E-Mobility) is an innovative area with a high potential impact on future developments of Smart Grid solutions for the network and load management. Landis+Gyr is the leading provider of integrated energy management solutions and offers a most comprehensive product and solution portfolio. This provides important building blocks for global efforts to modernize energy systems and efficient and reliable distribution of energy in the industry. The applied research study was based on a technology roadmapping methodology for the evaluation of future market and service requirements. The main target was to develop a service oriented architecture for electric mobility with mandatory and supplementary service groups for an evaluation of pre-defined business scenarios.

The research set up was organized in three main work packages, which were managed in an iterative process between research unit and the client. This approach allowed for an focused processing and contionous alignment of the interim results. Industry experts were involved for validation purposes and the further optimization of the architecture framework.

For further details and questions regarding this research project, please contact Sebastian Busse.