Important notes:

  • Automatic information by email when the exam results are released in Flexnow (GAIUS)
    From now on, the students will be informed at once via their stud.uni-goettingen email addresses when exam results are released in Flexnow (GAIUS).
    Students are asked not to inquire about the presence of exam results in future.

  • Proof of performance
    Proof of performance regarding study performances achieved can be printed via the chip card SB function as of SuSe 2009. Proof of performance therefore is usually no longer printed via the student office.

    Only the overall proof of performance to sign up for the mandatory subject exam at the LJPA needs to be requested from the student office/examination office. For the corresponding request form, see here.

  • Technical problems when signing up for exams online?
    If there are any technical problems with GAIUS, contact the examination office of the faculty of law at once by email at