Prof. Dr. Martin Kappas

Research Focus:

  • Remote Sensing / GIS in Climatology and Ecology
  • Field- and Laboratory-Spectrometry (ASD FieldSpec)
  • Assessment of natural landscape potenzial with IT-Methods and Ground-Truth-Data (Land Cover / Land Change)
  • Land Cover / Land Use Change
  • Landscape degradation esp. in Dry Lands
  • Health Geography: Geographical Determinants of Healthand Food Secruity
    Member of the Göttingen International Health Network

    • Member of DesertNet International []

      • Member of Editorial Board SpringerOpen

        Curriculum vitae:

        • Geophysics studies (University of Cologne), Geology and Geography studies (University of Bonn).
        • After studies employed at the Geological State Office of
          North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).
        • Since 1990 scientific assistant at the chair in Physical Geography at the University of Mannheim with areas of responsibility in teaching and research.
        • Dissertation (1993) and Habilitation (1998) in Mannheim.
        • From October 1998 to November 1999 private lecturer at the University of Mannheim.
        • Since 1st of Otober 2000 Professor at the University of Göttingen and Head of the Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing Departement.