Certificate Programme 'Social and Leadership Skills'

NOTE:We are unable to take in any more students for the 'Social and Leadership Skills' certificate programme as we have yet to determine a new supervisor.
This certificate programme is designed to support students in their development of interpersonal and leadership skills. Upon completion of the certificate programme, students will have grown into modern, forward-thinking leaders. To attain the certificate, students are required to:

  • attend three compulsory modules and one elective module
  • compile a portfolio of their learning development over the duration of the above-mentioned modules and write a reflection on their practical work experiences (i.e. internships, projects)
  • pass the certificate exam

Students may attend any or all of the ZESS leadership skill modules, whether or not they choose to formally participate in the certificate programme. Registration is, however, recommended for students who do intend to attend all the modules required to attain the certificate, as it serves to accelerate their completion of the programme.

To find out which modules fall under the certificate programme, do take a look at Annexe 1 of the ZESS Examination Regulations (LINK). Further information, such as how to compile a student portfolio, or information about the certificate exam, can be found in the column on the right side of this page.
Students taking a leadership skill course for the first time are recommended (though not obliged) to begin with the SK.AS.FK-11 Leadership Skills: Interpersonal and Leadership Skills I: Basic Communication Skills course.

Should queries still persist, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Neda Mohagheghi (supervisor of leadership skills).