Graduate Students

Members since Winter 2013/2014:

Dr. Elisabeth Böker:
Scandinavian bestsellers on the German book market

Nicole Gabriel:
Terry Pratchett's Discworld in the Digital Age

Bogna Kazur:
Vanishing Point Hollywood: (trans) national intermediality in the South and US American novel

Carolin Löher:
The Umbrella brand of Literature. Houses of Literature in Germany and Scandinavia in the Age of Digitalisation

Katharina Lukoschek:
Forms of Communication concerning Literature on the Internet

Kai Matuszkiewicz:
The Legend of Zelda - an internarrative myth

Elisabeth Michelbach:
The blog as an autobiographical genre of the digital present

Friederike Schruhl:
Forms of expression and representation of digital humanities and their relationship to literary criticism

Members since Winter 2014/2015:

Sebastian Böck:
Literary Museum Exhibitions in the Digital Age. The Example of the Hölderlin Tower

Christian Dinger:
Autofiction - Textual and paratextual practices of self-fashioning in the field of contemporary German literature

Julian Ingelmann:
The keyboard warriors of web 2.0 writing forums and digital dilettantism in the borderland of the Gutenberg-galaxy

Lena Lang:
The Internet Presence of Authors. Digital practices of self-fashioning and self-marketing

Stefanie Lange:
Enhanced eBooks. An examination of the reading process of a new form of literature

Franziska Weidle:
Interactive Storytelling in documentary formats: The reception of the Korsakov System

Anna-Christine Zapf:
Meeting Literary Heroines Online. Concepts of Transmedia Storytelling and Interactivity in Literary Web Series