Linguistische Berichte

Editors in Chief
Prof. Dr. Markus Steinbach, Prof. Dr. Günther Grewendorf, Prof. Dr. Arnim von Stechow

Editorial Office
Annika Hübl und Prof. Dr. Markus Steinbach

Tanja Recke

Copy Editors (Göttingen)
Jennifer Laas
Jacqueline Richter
Philipp Siebenthaler

Concept and Content

The journal "Linguistische Berichte" pursues to main objectives: On the one hand, it is open-­minded regarding subjects and methods of linguistics. On the other hand, it puts a strong emphasis on empirical validation and theoretical foundation of linguistic analyses.

Since its foundation in 1969 by Peter Hartmann and Arnim von Stechow, the journal has been an academic forum where serious scientific contributions of all subdisciplines of linguistics and neighboring disciplines (such as e.g. psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, language didactics, literary studies, philosophy, or computer linguistics) are equally published and discussed. The purpose of the journal is to provide an objective and critical documentation of linguistic developments. Besides, it is open for all levels of scientific work, i.e. for everyone who is dealing with linguistically based work (undergraduates, assistants, and professors). New research results and linguistic developments will be peer reviewed and published quickly and comprehensively - contributions are normally published within one year after acceptance by the editors.