Göttinger Miszellen

Göttinger Miszellen - Beiträge zur ägyptologischen Diskussion

The journal GÖTTINGER MISZELLEN. Beiträge zur ägyptologischen Diskussion was founded in 1972 for the purpose of publishing shorter contributions on Egyptological, Coptological and related subjects. The philosophy behind the publication is to facilitate the fast and economical publication of new findings and hypotheses and to be a forum for scholarly discussion.
For this purpose the editors publish the GÖTTINGER MISZELLEN every three months, with 112 pp. per issue, and accept PDF-files in high quality print (standards: PDF/X-3:2002, black and white print settings) or camera-ready manuscripts written in English, French or German.

Göttinger Miszellen - Supplements

With the foundation of the Supplements to the Göttinger Miszellen ("Göttinger Miszellen Beihefte") we have two aims in mind: On the one hand we would like to offer young Egyptologists the possibility to present their M.A. theses to a wider audience in a quick and inexpensive way, on the other hand we would like to offer a platform for the publication of papers read at conferences (congresses/symposia).

Göttinger Miszellen - Occasional Studies

In the Göttinger Miszellen - Occasional Studies, Egyptological textbooks are published, which require a larger book format, especially because of a demanding illustration part. The DIN A4 or 17x24 format of the series provides the framework for high-quality printing of large-format photographs and drawings. This format is therefore particularly suitable for archaeological publications and works with facsimiles.